Our Services

These are offered in a few different forms and with an extensive range of packages to choose from. There is something here for both the retail and business consumer

Mobile Application and Web Portal

Both the mobile application and web portal are good places to start in order to get an appreciation of the mindset and rationale behind the analytics that are provided through Sport Outcomes.

This is where you will first encounter some new concepts and ways of thinking about the dynamic of a sporting event. It is where we introduce Key Outcome Indicators (KOI's) and Outcome Altering Phases of Plays (OAPoP's) and showcase how these are often(but not always) carried forward into the current fixture.

The underlying analytics are compiled from historical data for all of the competitors contesting the fixture with appropriate and relevant sample size history


Customised Analytical Studies and Reports

Additional analytics not covered within other products and services can be offered on demand as well as full BI access to the underlying data in its raw form.

Day of event content with unique insights

This blogging service is less about the analytics and more about insider knowledge where we have enlisted the help of well-established industry professionals to give us their ear to the ground feedback on major upcoming events and for sport events where the raw analytics can sometimes come up short

API Services

The API services are aimed at organisations and private retail customers who are interested in having all this data in real time (and in advance also).

They are able to use this as is, or integrate it into an existing public offering or product in their portfolio.

Sports Analytics Consultancy

Sports Outcomes is in a position to offer consultancy service to anybody wishing to extend their internal product systems by incorporating the concepts and behaviours  that are showcased here, or by any form of technical integration